Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mary Winkler on Oprah

Did you watch Oprah yesterday?

Do you believe Mary Winkler?
I don't know if I do or not.
On one hand, I could see how someone could just "snap" after years of abuse.
It reminds me of that movie, The Burning Bed.

On the other hand, what if she made the whole thing up?

Something about her doesn't seem right.
She barely said anything at all.
I think even Oprah was irritated at her, because she wouldn't talk.
It was a very strange interview.

I just don't know if she's telling the truth or not.
Oprah's message boards are filled with mostly people who do not believe her.

What do you think?


Jill LaFaye said...

I could just type and type forever about this, but I don't want to create any anger..but just put yourself in her shoes. I was married to a man just like the one that she described as her husband..down to every detail. Remember she was an extremely submissive wife but she snapped. When you are hurt (daily) to that point and someone tries to hurt your baby?? I will admit I have thought about ending the life of the one I was married to. Thankfully, my situation turned for the good. I believe her.
No hard feelings, girl. I am thankful that you have not ever had to experience that. Stay sweet.

Hollye said...

I think she shouldn't have been on Oprah's show in the first place. From what I've read and seen, her attorney told her not to do it since she still has a custody case pending. Her children are going to see that. I just think some things are better dealt with in private and not in the public eye. Is she guilty? I have no idea. But having been raised in a home where my mother was beaten on a daily basis by my stepfather...she got herself out of that situation without killing him. But I can promise you, if she hadn't gotten out when she did, he would have killed her, me or my brother...or all of us.