Wednesday, September 26, 2007

pictures, pictures

I just downloaded almost 300 pictures from my camera.
Whew - I've been on a roll!!

Here's the last week of my life in pictures...

last Wednesday:
My sweet girl at church. I love her in this dress.

My Mom's family came in from Arizona. Caroline was the big cousin for a change!
Here she is with our sweetie-pie cousin, Kendall at my Mom's house.

My sister and I took Caroline downtown to the Library. Loved it!

We had a baby dedication at church. I LOVE this shot! I can't wait to show the Mom.

Here's crazy Caroline after church...

Girl Scouts was fun. The Gallatin Fire Dept. came out and did a class.
I'm glad they did because Caroline and I needed to hear the information!

Then after Girl Scouts, from my new favorite restaurant, Shane's Rib Shack, the last bite of the best BBQ sandwich ever! Their fries are incredible too. Hand cut.

I can't wait to get these developed!
I love taking pictures.
My camera is such a blessing.

This weekend is gonna be crazy - we're off to Girl Scouts camp and then when we get back, Mike and I are going to the Atlanta area again for another gig with Pastor Wess. I'm gonna scrapbook shop this time. I already scoped it out!! Yay!

Peace out. I'll be back next week with camp pics. Can't wait!

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Jill LaFaye said...

I love all the pics & the food looks yummo! But Sunday's pic is pretty amazing..with everyone's hands reaching out praying I am assuming dedicating the little one)..beautiful!