Sunday, September 09, 2007

so much to do, so little time

Do you ever feel that way?
I have the biggest list of things to do this week and I'm feeling anxious about getting it all done.

Tomorrow is our first homeschool group meeting and I have to entertain kids for an hour.
I'm going to have them sing and do play-dough mainly.
I've gotta come up with my song list and cd tracks tonight.

Also, tomorrow, I'm on a liquid diet all day.
I'm having a colonoscopy and upper stomach scope done Tuesday morning.
Blech. Ick. Ugh.
I dread the i.v. - dread it!

Wednesday will likely be spent cleaning and doing laundry, then church.

Thursday is our first field trip, to a power plant around here.

Friday we are going to Atlanta to the American Girl store and our pastors' daughter's church Grand Opening. We're coming back the same day.

Saturday is Caroline's best friend's birthday party.
Then that night Mike and I are going out to celebrate our 16th anniversary.
It was last Friday, the 7th.

Just thinking of having all that to do is making me tired!!
Maybe it's also because I slept about 3 hours, taught Sunday School and then ran all over the place giving out Grandparents Day gifts today.

Pray for me people. I'm gonna need it this week!!!
And stay cool!


Chelle said...

Have you had a colonoscopy before? I think you need a back up person to help you with your co op class tomorrow. And don't plan on going anywhere!!!! I don't envy you! The pre stuff is much worse than the actual procedure.

jennifer said...

Wow! That wears me out just reading it! I'll be praying for you on Tuesday. And I'll be praying for you to have all the energy you need to get things done this week! Love ua!

Christy B said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! You know, ours is the same day, 16 yrs ago. I thought about you Friday night when I was sitting at the High School football game, telling people that today was my anniversary and I was spending it there! We went to the homeshow Saturday and then grabbed a bite to eat. I did get 16 assorted roses Friday from hubby. So sweet!

annie said...

just read your blog and am wondering how the liquid yuk went?
i'll be checking on you:)
sounds like a busy but very fun week (except for the colonoscopy part)

Jill LaFaye said...

FYI: the Power Plant field trip has been cancelled.