Saturday, September 15, 2007


Thanks for all your great responses about Mary Winkler.
I think I most agree with Annie's thoughts.

I want to believe that she's telling the truth because I like to give people the benefit of the doubt - you know "innocent, until proven guilty?"

But something just seemed off.
I think a lot of it had to do with the way she started out by saying she wanted to help other people and then she didn't really say enough about what happened to give me a clear picture of how he treated her.

I recently watched The Burning Bed, which is a true account of a life of abuse that ended up with the wife killing the husband. I'm sure you've all seen it.

That woman was able to recount a lifetime of abuse and specific incidents.
She had police reports, friends and family to verify the abuse.
I know that isn't the case in every situation but the main thing is, she recalled so many details of how he treated her, that she made a clear case for herself.
At the end, when she poured gasoline around the bed, I was like "FRY THE SUCKER!!!!"
I mean, you just couldn't bear to see her live that life one more minute.

But with Mary Winkler, she was so vague, I'm not sure what I felt.
She definitely shouldn't do interviews until she can sort all this in her own mind.

I guess, in the end, only God knows if she's telling the truth.

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Hollye said...

That's what I wanted to say Tracie and never did....only God knows if she is telling the truth. I am just thankful that I have not been in her situation.