Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloweenie!

Okay, technically Halloween is over, but I just like saying that - 'k?!

As always...our day was a whirlwind.

We started out at 10 am, Trick-or-Treating on the Square, followed by lunch and a photo shoot.
A few of our friends joined us. Loved spending time with them.
Then after resting for a couple of hours at home, we went to our favorite neighborhood.
After that, it was a rush to get to church for a pizza party for the kids and Bible study for us.

Caroline was a kitty cat this year...inspired by her American Girl's Halloween outfit.
She wanted to match her exactly.
I tried painting a face on and it didn't look right so we got a cute mask.
Caroline got tired of the mask so most of the day she just had ears and a tail.
But that was okay with her because she's not obsessed with perfection like me. heehee
I feel a little overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) because her hair was messy all day.
I didn't get my "this is the best picture I've ever taken" picture today, like I usually do.
But the pictures I did get show her as she truly was, messy hair and happy. I like that too.

Here she is without her mask on. This is one of my favorite pics from today.
Here's the whole gang after Treats on the Square.

Here's a picture of Mike when he wakes up in the morning - before he puts his wig on.
ha! Actually, it's Albert Gallatin. Founding father of Gallatin, I would assume.

Isn't this pic kinda creepy? Oh so Halloweenie.

I like this full body shot. Maybe it's 'cause you can see her tail.

There's an old historic home on the square. We stopped there for a photo shoot. Great spot.

Now here's Caroline and her two best friends tonight. We always go to the same neighborhood.

I really like the colors in this picture, even if it's just their backs.
That's it! After Tricks or Treats (as they say on Charlie Brown) tonight, Caroline has the equivalent of 2 plastic pumpkins full of candy! Yikes!!!

Hope you had a great day too!

Now I can start thinking about when I'm going to put my Christmas decorations up. hmmm....


Tammy Batson said...

Too cute!

Saw Mike last Saturday evening doing a gig where I was doing a gig ... =) Cool to run into him.

Jann Gray said...

oh Tracie...I so love your pictures....Miss C was so stinkin cute! I love the picture of her by the gate...oh wow! And that picture from the back of them should be in a magazine! Just awesome!

Renee said...

Thanks for letting us know about this. Jack had so much fun playing with the decorations.

Your shots of C would so be in my "favorite pic ever" category! They are great. Hurry and scrap so I can lift your ideas!

No Christmas decor until harvest is over! I'm itching to take down my few things just halloweenie and leave the harvest up, but Page is already planning her PINK tree for her room!

jennifer said...

I think these turned out great! I love those of Caroline at the museum! I got a couple of good ones of Kirsten. I'm thinking about a reshoot for Courtney and I didn't get any good ones of just the two of them together!

We had fun, as usual1