Tuesday, October 23, 2007

sick baby

Well...I've got a sick baby.
Okay, maybe she's not a baby anymore but she's MY baby. :)
She has a dreadful cold and fever.
I've pumped her full of Airborne and Benedryl.
I hope she'll wake up well.
Sometimes she only has a cold for one day and then poof - it's gone!
Mike and I just prayed over her and I'm having faith that she is on her way to being well.

This is a bad time for any of us to be sick because we have something planned almost every day until after Halloween!
I even had to print out a calendar to keep it all straight.

Here's something cool I found today.
It's an article with tips on taking great Fall pictures. Check it out here.

Peace out!


Jill LaFaye said...

My prayer is for the "baby" to be well by morning:)

jennifer said...

I hope you all are feeling better today. We missed you yesterday! Let me know if you need anything.

That photograpy link was great! Thanks!

kristina proffitt said...

Aw, poor thing! I hope she is feeling better! My baby is sick too and this is the first time so I'm taking it a bit hard. Please pray for her to get better soon and for me to not worry so much. Darn those germs! ;)