Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Happy Hump Day.
How's it goin?

I've been holed up in my warm and cozy house, trying to avoid this weather!

I begged some medicine samples off Caroline's pediatrician today so I wouldn't have to take her in.
My Mom went and picked them up and brought us dinner.
I felt bad for her in the wind and rain, carrying it all in.

Caroline is feeling a bit better but still coughy, as we say.
I hope she sleeps better tonight. Her coughing kept me awake last night.
Right now, she's showering and singing some made-up tune. Always. She sings.

I got the house decorated for Fall this week -- finally.
Now I just want to get it all clean at the same time.
I hate having a two-story house.
If I could build my dream would be a small, cottagey house.
All one level.
With a studio out back for Mike.
And a little room off the kitchen for my "studio."
With a big window.
And a white picket fence outside.
Lots of trees and room to run. I must have a big yard like I do now.
I can picture it.
I 'spose I could have built that instead of this house we live in.
But back then, I didn't know who I was. Or what I really wanted.
That was BC. Before Caroline.
Before my life came into focus. Her birth made my vision clear.
Philosophically speaking.
I do love my house but I would love smaller and cozier. But new. Always new.

Oh well. I will be content with my house because I know I am blessed to have it.
Even if it's 2000 sq. feet and my friends seem to have homes double that size.
But then, that's REALLY not what I want. No. Bigger isn't always better.

Just some random musings on a Wednesday.
Hope your day was cozy and warm like mine.


Carody said...

I'm not sure if this works or not (haven't tried it with my kids yet) but it couldn't hurt. Try liberally applying Vicks VapoRub to her feet (I know, weird, right?) and then having her wear socks to bed. It is supposed to make the coughing go away in a few minutes, and will help her sleep better.

Chelle said...

Poor little girl. That Vicks VapoRub email has been getting around. I got it too. I'm really curious to know if it actually works. It's safe- so it couldn't hurt to try.

Pam said...

I hope she feels better soon. My baby (7 yr. old baby, lol) has been coughing a little at night.

My house is only about 1550 sq. ft., all on one level. I want a 2 st. house. Not necessarily a big house though. Total opposite from what you want, I would love an old, old, old house, LOL!!!!

Renee said...

Sorry C isn't well. Page came home complaining of a sore throat. You could tell it in her eyes. She went from spazzy to whiney in a matter of seconds. I hope we caught it in time.

Our house is less than 1400. I love that I can clean it in a few hours for company and even quicker just for me. Course, I have to be a master organizer to get my closets closed....

Call me when you aren't so busy. Would love to get togethe with you guys.

Seanna said...

I hope your little girl is on the mend by now, Tracie.

My home was built in 1977. We've lived here about two years. It is not a splendid home, although it is pretty large (I think over 3000 feet). It still has the original blue bathroom fixtures, wallpaper, light fixtures and floor in the upstairs bathroom, although we did get rid of the blue shag and orange shag carpets up there. The downstairs bathroom is very, um, 1970s golden. Well, it was until we at least took down the wallpaper and painted.

Anyway, it's not going to win any home decor prizes, but I enjoy it more and more each month we are here. I have little projects planned here and there, and I have come to like that it's not the latest and greatest. My children (teenagers) like the choppy 70s layout that gives them their own space, and I have to admit that I like it, too. Even though I'm not supposed to because the open plan is what's in these days.

Something seems to have happened in my journey. I still enjoy checking out other people's houses (like it sounds like you do) but I've come to the conclusion that the best fun of all is trying to learn the art of making the absolute most of what you have and enjoying the process. It sounds like you do that, too--from what you've shared your home is gorgeous.

I enjoy reading your blog and it's very good to know that such a lovely person is in my neck of the woods.