Sunday, October 14, 2007

funny people

I love funny people.
You know those people who are just funny by nature and don't really have to work at it?
I wish I were like that.
I have to work at it.
Sometimes it works, sometimes...not so much.

The funniest man I have ever known is our church drummer, Tre Corley.
He is so unabashedly funny that he will sing a made-up hymn in a gay voice, right in front of our Pastor, who frankly, scares me into being serious. Oh and there's usually a dance too. Tre doesn't care who hears him...he's just a hoot. All the time.

The funniest woman I've ever known is...I've decided...Renee Graham.
I laugh out loud at her blog more than anyone else's.
I love it that she doesn't worry that you don't realizing she's joking too.
She just assumes that if you know her, you know she's joking.
I always seem to make my attempts at humor un-funny by saying "just kidding."
If you want a laugh, read this recent blog entry by Renee.
Bless her heart....somebody give the girl a Calgon bath or a Klondike bar or somethin.
Here it is.... downward spiral.

Thanks for making me laugh Renee.
I just had to give you a shout-out after all you went through!
By the way, how's that ear?


Chelle said...

I agree! She always makes me laugh! I have always wanted to be quick witted and about every 4 or 5 years I'll have 1 hour, in my life where I've got it. And I will gleam over that moment for months! Renee just has it all the time!

I don't need to be in your favorite blog list...but I hope you check it out sometimes. :)

Renee said...

You would have thought I won an Emmy or an Oscar or something just as prestigious when I read your blog! I am grinning from ear to ear! Seriously. I'm giddy with joy. I think it's the "youngest child needing attention syndrome". Who cares, cuz I'm FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You just made that entire weekend seem almost worth it. Except for Page's ear cuz that really hurt her

Jill LaFaye said...

Speaking of "funny":
I think you are funny:) I remember first meeting you at Scrap It! I remember that you were always smiling and being silly..and that is what I liked/like about you. I like the way that you view life sort of child-like(more folks should be this way)..just always having fun..and the way that you use words like "stinkerpants", just cracks me up! Your bubbly-ness is contagious! Thanks for being you:)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Just popping in to say hello -- crazy week. I need to read Renee's post; a good laugh is just the thing for an exhausted soul,right?


doris sander said...

i'll have to agree with you . . . cool renee is THE funniest! :D