Monday, November 12, 2007

ick. I'm sick.

Well it happens every year around this time - I get sick with sinus stuff.
I finally gave in and went to the Dr. today.
Thankfully, he gave me a Z-pack.
It's strange but I just took today's dose and I already am starting to feel better.

I must, must, must get better by tomorrow night.
Caroline is singing in a talent show.
She is so cute singing that sometimes I have to look away to keep from laughing.
She's singing Above All. Do you know it? She sings it more soulfully than most.
On the last chorus, I told her to let it fly.
I showed her how to go all out on a few phrases.
She is really a unique singer.
I'm hoping to record it and possibly find a way to post it here on my blog.

Send a prayer my way if you think of it so I'll be well even sooner.

P.S. - If you love Becky Higgins, like I do, you should totally check out her blog today. She has an 8 minute video showing an entire album from her shelf. Her method of organizing is awesome. It's the one called "Video Day 11" if she's updated by the time you see this. Check it.... Becky's Blog.


Jill LaFaye said... precious! I pray that you will be well and won't miss this special time to hear your angel sing!

kristina proffitt said...

Prayers still going up for you, Tracie! I hope you are feeling better and get to watch Caroline belt out that lovely song! ;) Oh, and thanks for passing along Becky's blog. Loved how album organization! Very cool! Happy Tuesday! P.S. Framing begins on our house today ... weather permitting of course! YAY! :)

April said...

Hi Tracie,
Hope you are better soon.

I completely agree with you on Becky's video. I loved watching it. It could have been an hour long and I would have watched with blinking. Her books are wonderful. I was so happy the day I saw her blog finally up and running. I have no idea how she has the time to read all of her comments... She's amazing