Monday, November 26, 2007

It's Christmas and I've got a plan!

Every year, I do the same thing.
I take loads of really great, close-up pictures throughout the Christmas season.
Then I get ready to scrap these pictures and I turn to a sketch.

Every time, my pictures never fit the sketch!
Sometimes I use the Kodak PictureMaker to make small prints but the quality just isn't the same.
I do love that machine but I love my matte finish, quality prints more.

Now for those of you who are computerie and use PhotoShop and make your little mixed sized pictures to be printed, you can just come back tomorrow.
But for those of you who are NON-computerie here's my plan....maybe you'll like it!

This year, BEFORE, Christmas, I've decided how I'm going to scrap my pics!
I sketched out 3 layouts that should cover most of my EVENT pictures.
Then if I have special ones that I want to highlight, I can make some single pagers.

Here's #1 - Christmas Morning...

The area at the bottom signifies patterned paper. Now I will know that I want to take one really great horizontal 4x6 picture of CC opening her stocking and one great 4x6H or her with all her gifts surrounding her. (I used to do that every year and I've been forgetting.) The smaller pics will be of her opening gifts, one of Mike and me and maybe a few close-ups of special gifts. I'll make a note to back off on those pics so I can cut them down.

Here's #2 - Christmas with Family...
We spend Christmas Eve with Mike's family and Christmas Day with mine. I always feel obligated to make layouts about each but if I plan, I think it will work out to put them together...
Now I'll know to take two "squarish" pics at my MIL's and two vertical 4x6's at my Mom's that can be cut down. I'm going to take these sketches with me to both places as a reminder of the pics I need to take. Then I'm just going to take pics where I back off some of faces of family and food and decorations and Caroline, etc. Then I can punch those out at the bottom with a punch.

Here's #3 - Christmas Festivities...
Let's face it - I'm going on year #7 of scrapbooking and I just don't have time or room to make a layout every year about the parade, our church activities at Christmas and all the fun things we do. So this one is a compilation page of Christmas festivities. Since I know in advance what pics I'll need, I can back off and take small shots that can be cut down.
This layout will be divided into color sections to show the different activities.

All of these sketches began as Becky Higgins sketches from her new book that has all her sketches she's ever done. I love that thing! I'm going to start doing this for all my event pics. I take event/holiday pictures about once a month so this should really speed up my scrapping.

If you're wondering what type of pad I'm using. It's called a "planning pad" and I got it at Walmart. It looks like this.

For each square on the page, you just make it equal one inch. So if you're doing 12x12 layouts, you just count over 12 square each way and make a square. I really should do these in pencil first and then go over them. I usually do. But it's more fun to write in marker. heehee

Let me know what you think of this! I'm excited!
I've always loved to plan my work and work my plan.
It really makes life so much easier!


kristina proffitt said...

Ok, your plan is fabulous, girl! LOVE that planning pad. I've gotta get me one! I love sketches! So helpful! :)

Amy said...

Wow! This will DEFINITELY help you when you're getting those oh-so-perfect shots for scrapping! What a BRILLIANT idea!!!

Love Love LOVE this!!!!

April said...

What a wonderful idea!!! Thanks so much for sharing your holiday sketches and the idea of the sketch pad---I will have to make a trip to Wal-Mart for that one.

Renee said...

You are too much! I love the idea. I have always admired your sketches. Looks like some happy scrappin coming your way after New Years!

Jill LaFaye said...

You just rock! I am not computery..nor a sketcher..I have the pad and the notebook and the little ruler like yours..bought it after I flipped through your sketch book..but I am just not there yet:( Go you!:)
I can't wait to see these after the!