Tuesday, November 20, 2007

managing memorabilia

Okay scrappers...let's talk memorabilia.
Do you have it?
Do you use it?

I have an organizer chock-full of tickets, brochures, Caroline's art work, etc.
I want to incorporate these "scraps" of my life into my scrapbooks.

What a novel idea! :)

But I never remember to get the stuff out and put it on a page!
Should I give myself a goal of scrapping one page with memorabilia a week?
Like start by looking in my box?

How do you remember what memorabilia you have and then do you actually use it?
Is anyone at all successful in this? I think a magazine needs to do an article.
Methinks a letter to Simple Scrapbooks is in order. I'll get "write" on that.


Renee said...

Can't wait to ready your article! I have baggies of stuff that I thought I would use, but never did. I think you did a lo once using tags from C's clothes and so I saved a zillion of Jack's from his shower. Still in the bag

doris sander said...

goals are good! :D

jennifer said...

Oh,my! I am drowning in stuff! I'm like that hoarder on Oprah where this stuff is concerned. I have no idea how to use it or why I'm keeping it. I used a brochure from the zoo once. And I have put birthday card invites on some. But that is it!
Hey girl, call me so we can get together!