Friday, November 02, 2007

more cute pictures!

Here are some more cute pics I snapped on Halloween:

This is our friend, Eliana. Her Daddy, Johnny, our piano player at church and her Mommy, Crystal are our close friends. We like to hang out as a couple with them and have dinner together.

This is Eliana's brother, Jonathon. He decided to stay home from school and join us!
This is my favorite funny friend, Renee's little boy Jack.
Check out the shirt! It's for Breast Cancer Awareness and I think it's a riot.
I always have to get a few shots of Caroline and her Daddy on Halloween.
Mike is so sensitive to the sun...he's squinting here but can't help himself!
These are our friends, The Webb Family (sounds like a singing group! ha!)
We probably hang out with them more than anyone in our life.
I'm loving it that they recently moved right down the street from us.
And finally, this is one of my favorite shots from our night-time Trick-or-Treating.
It's usually really dark when we start but the time hadn't changed yet this year.
So I was able to get a shot in the evening glow without the harsh flash look.
I love this. I love seeing little expectant faces when the door opens.
I think I'm gonna run out now and get a pizza and a movie.
Maybe something scary, but not too scary.
I wish I could find old scary movies like The Blob to rent.

Have a great weekend!


Amanda said...

I am so glad we got to go with you guys to the square! The picture below of Grant is so funny with his pants hiked up :) I should have tried that costume on him before we brought it. He was a duck that night...much better. Hope to see you before next Halloween.

Amy said...

Oh my goodness!! I absolutely LOVE the Dorothy costume! My little Peyton was Dorothy this year (even though her grandmother called her Judy, in which case either would apply)!

Beautiful shot, too, of the trick-or-treaters at the door. WOW.