Saturday, December 01, 2007

a most productive day

I had the most productive day today!
(or yesterday, depending on when you read this)

I actually got up early. LOL
Then I got all the laundry done, even towels. Just a few things still need to be put away.
I got the dishes done. Kitchen spotless.
Caroline, after some urging, cleaned the Den for me.
We got school started early and she and I got along well.
While she was doing her seatwork, I swiffered and swept all the downstairs floors.
I cleaned her little table in the Den with a Magic Eraser.
I took Caroline to the Dr. and she got a clean bill of health! Praise Jesus.

The Dr. said she thinks she's almost completely over it now and not to worry.
Caroline actually felt good all day so that made us happy. (Except for her cold.)

After the Dr., we went shopping at the mall. Caroline only had one Winter dress so far.
I found her FIVE dresses for church and I got the deal of the century at Gymboree!
It's so awesome, I'm gonna have to blog about it tomorrow and show you.

We met Mike for dinner and then I went to Walmart to get some needed supplies.
Mike mopped the kitchen for me when we got home so now my whole house is almost clean.

Then just now, I finally finished a layout that's been on my desk for a week!

Okay so clean house + completed scrapbook page + shopping done = a happy ME.

Check out my layout. I've been looking at my new Becky Sketches book. I'm all about the 2-pager right now. Becky doesn't do one-pagers much at all. Did you know that? I think she's got something there. I wanna whittle down my box of pictures but I still want the story to be the most important thing. It's very simple but it's done!

Blog ya later gator!


annie said...

you were productive!
love the layout - so sweet of C!
see you Tuesday:)

annie said...

i am so glad that C is feeling better!