Wednesday, November 07, 2007

on a reading kick

I'm on a reading kick lately.
Right now, I'm reading Trixie Belden and the Mystery At Bob-White Cave.
Sounds exciting, huh?

I have been reading Trixie Belden books since I was about 12.
My sister and I had them all but they were accidentally sold or given away.
I started collecting them about 10 years ago.
I searched every Goodwill and Salvation Army for copies of the oval editions.

I also really like the edition they call the "uglies" (below), I have a few of them.
I like these because there's a picture of each character in the front inside cover.

These are the two editions I had in the 80's as a kid.
There are older and newer versions but they just don't seem right to me.
They have even been re-released lately but I don't like them new. Not the same.
I only need about 4 to complete my collection but they're the last ones and hard to find.
I've gone for about 5 years without searching for them but I'm going to start again.

I know - aren't you shocked that I go in Goodwill? heehee!
I can overlook the ick/germ factor for something I love so much.
I've bought a few on Ebay too but they are pretty pricey now.

So what's your favorite thing to read?
Maybe a question will get all my blog readers to talk. :)


Tammy Batson said...

oh my ... Trixie Belden ... that took me WAY back! I use to read them as well! Right now I'm into Sally John, she is a christian romance author. You can get her series at Lifeway. I have collected them all (haven't read them all, but have to have a complete series!) ... =0)

Kristi O said...

I am going to have to see how many of those books we have. I remember them well. I don't make time to read right now, but I like Diane Mott Davidson and also Karen Kingsbury, have you read Dee Henderson? Karen and Dee both have amazing series. I have them all if you would like to borrow them.

Carody said...

I love all of Janette Oke's books. Every SINGLE ONE! And Frank Peretti if I am in a scary-book sort of mood. But I don't read his books before bed at night, because I am still afraid of the dark. Sad, but true.

jennifer said...

I just finished "From the mixed up files of Basil E. Frankweiler". Its a childrens book, fifth grade level I think. I have been enjoying these little novels lately. I'm also reading, The All Of a kind family. It was a favorite of mine in fifth grade. Actually it is a series. I can even remember what shelf they were on in the school library!