Sunday, November 04, 2007

so many

I've been too busy lately to scrap but if I ever scrap again...
I want to do a page called "so many reasons to be happy."

I was just looking at some of my scrapbook pages about all the fun things we do.
There's almost always something to look forward to if you think about it.
Holidays, seasonal happies and everyday luxuries make me happy.
I thought I'd make a quick list so I'll have it ready for my page.

These things make me happy:

- pumpkins and Fall colors
- watching the Fall leaves swirling as I drive or when I'm outside
- (not too) scary movies like The Ghost And Mr. Chicken
- taking Caroline trick-or-treating and seeing her delight
- the annual Harvest Party at church - we have the biggest bonfire ever
- taking photographs - capturing a perfect moment in time
- Christmas carols
- classic children's shows like It's A Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and Rudolph
- decorating for Christmas
- Thanksgiving with family
- teaching Caroline about the origins of holidays
- Christmas parades and marching bands
- seeing Santa at the mall
- wrapping gifts
- new holiday movies at the theater
- watching favorite movies like Elf and The Christmas Story
- going to church every week and especially at Christmas
- snow and building a snowman
- a fire in the fireplace
- home-made hot chocolate
- warm, snuggly throws and sweaters
- picking out Valentines and sharing them
- heart shaped boxes of candy
- decorating for each holiday throughout the year
- Spring flowers
- 70-75 degree days
- wearing sandals
- getting a new swimsuit for Caroline
- the county fair
- singing patriotic songs
- cook-outs
- hanging out with friends
- laughing with Mike
- a great book
- scrapbooking by myself to re-charge my batteries
- watching Andy Griffith
- listening to praise and worship music, singing loud
- birthdays
- goint to Target and Hobby Lobby by myself
- date nights with Mike (although they're rare)
- dinner out with my sister
- a great, fizzy Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper
- soft pillows and warm blankets
- spending time in prayer - just me and God, feeling His presence

This list could go on for days.
I think I need to do this page and put it somewhere so I can look at it as a reminder to always count my blessings. I am SO blessed.

I need to always remember that I have so many reasons to be happy.


Pam said...

I have been a little emotional for the last several days and this is just what I needed to make me feel better!! Thanks! :)

kristina proffitt said...

Such a great list of blessings, Tracie! I think it would make a fabulous layout! Hope you have a great week!!

Kristi O said...

I love "Thankful Monday's"

Tammy Batson said...

great idea ... =0)

MaryRuth said...

such a great idea! You could make it a mini album... that way you wouldn't have to worry about not being able to include everything.

Cute little album that could sit on your coffee table or bookshelf and remind you daily of all you have.

Thanks for sharing!!

MaryRuth Francks

stephanie said...

Looks like someone already beat me to the Amen comment. :)

Good things to list, Tracie.
I found myself saying "me, too" to so, so many things!