Monday, November 19, 2007


Dear Jill,
I have my Cropper Hopper cart and tote all cleaned up and ready for you.
It looks so great all cleaned up...I almost hate to sell it! LOL!
But I have nowhere to put it now and I'm lovin' my new cubes.

Mike is loading it in his truck. I sent you an e-mail but haven't heard back.
Please e-mail me at
I have a couple of things I don't need and wanna see if you might want them thrown in for an extra goodie (for free, of course!).

We now return to your regularly scheduled blog.....


Hello friends!
I am an organizing whiz today!
I cleaned out a cartful of stuff and only have one tiny stack I want to keep.
You wouldn't believe all the junk I've been holding onto!
Paper doll templates, old class layouts, old class papers, make and takes that were ugly (heehee) and more.
It's all gone, gone, gone in the trash, trash, trash and I feel a load lighter.

Now the next thing I'll have to force myself to do is get rid of my stamps.
I own kaboodles of stamps and I don't think I've ever used one on a layout.
But something about them makes me happy!

Do you own a lot of stamps? Do you actually use them?


Renee said...

I have very few and I've used them very sparingly. Page, on the other hand, LOVES to stamp. Maybe C would use them?

Renee said...

I hope Jill didn't respond and you want to send the free stuff to me! That way you could deliver here and we could visit!

Oh, BTW, my last post word verification was tqtdy. Made me think of Tidy. I'm weird.

Jill LaFaye said...

I sent you an e-mail about an hour ago..asking about where on Central Pike?
Sorry it took so long..Izabelle has Taekwondo at 5p and my class is at 7pm..then I needed to call a customer after 8p.
I just got off the phone with HP Tech Support..I have to send my laptop off for repair..rrrrrr!
Thankful I am not having to travel in the near future:)

TracieClaiborne said...

Tidy Renee:
I e-mailed ya. I have way more stuff you can have. There's enough love to go around for two of my favorite girls. heehee