Sunday, November 18, 2007


How was your Sunday?
Mine was busy.
I coughed all night and didn't sleep so I stayed home from church.
After Mike got home, we went to his Mom's for dinner.
It was yummy...roast, potato salad and squash casserole.

My sister picked me up and we went to the Jr. League Holiday House in Fairvue Plantation. Although I drive past the entrance every week, I hadn't been back in the subdivision since it has been so far along. Oh my word. You wouldn't believe these houses. Many of them face the lake and some back up to it or the golf course. The houses are all European in flair. The one we went in was..."a 6,833 square-foot estate, valued at more than $1.7 million." It was pretty neat. A bit overdone for my taste though. It doesn't look that big in this picture but it was huge. The media room was incredible. It had a 100" screen. I did see some neat ideas I might do in my own house if I ever get any extra money. Like I'd like to get a small crystal chandelier for Caroline's room and make it more princess-like. The Christmas decorations were all beautiful. It made me want to decorate.

After the tour, I showed my sister the hoarder shows from Oprah this week. Did you see them? Oh wow. It was mind-boggling.

Then I actually sat down at my scrap desk for the first time since OCTOBER 4TH and started cleaning it off. The stuff on it was literally dusty. I went through unopened Jenni kits and a box of KI I bought at Joann and sorted some out to give away. Then I cleaned off some storage cubes Tiffany gave me and put them in place. Now I'm letting them air out and I'm gonna put some stuff away in there...albums too.

So now that I FINALLY got those storage cubes in place...I have something to get rid of. It's my Cropper Hopper class tote and rolling cart. It's in great shape and it has all kinds of folders inside. The folders are pretty expensive and they're all like new. The set sells for around $90 but since mine is used (only by me), I'm asking $30, including folders which are usually extra. The best part about it is, it rolls right up to where you're sitting and it's the same height that you're at. You can store all your paper in it. I just don't have room for it anymore and I have a new drawer for paper. So I must get rid of it. Let me know if you're local and interested...I'll even deliver it to you. (The pic just shows the tote, mine has the cart too and both are green.)

Well...I just got really choked from the cleaner smell in my scrap area so I'm upstairs online. I guess I'll have to finish tomorrow. Still struggling with sinus stuff. Ugh. Pray for me please.



kristina proffitt said...

Get well soon! Praying for you!!! Hugs!

Jill LaFaye said...

Sold!!! If you haven't aleady had a buyer. Let me know:)

I love keeping your blog up to listen to music through the day:)