Tuesday, November 13, 2007


We just got home from the talent show.
All went well.
Caroline did not mess up one bit but I was a nervous wreck!
I felt like a stage-mom.
I asked her beforehand if she were nervous and she said...
"No. I'm not that kind of person."

We had everything from piano pieces to vocal groups to a comedian.
This one little guy cracks us up every year, doing a comedian bit.
Here are some of his jokes which had us all roaring...he's about 8 btw.

Why does a reporter always eat his ice cream from the middle?
He wants to get the inside scoop.

A student walked up to his teacher after she had graded his report.
The student said to the teacher, "I don't think I deserve this zero!"
The teacher said, "I don't think you do either but there wasn't anything lower to give you."

A man escaped from prison by tunneling his way out underground.
When he came above ground, he was in the middle of a school playground.
He looked around, breathed in the fresh air and said, "I'm free! I'm free!!!"
Just then, a little girl on a tricycle came over and said, "So what? I'm four."

That's all I can remember! ha-ha!

After the show we went to dinner at Cracker Barrel.
So yummy.

Now I'm gonna search online to see who got kicked off Dancing With The Stars.
I hope it wasn't Helio and Julianne or Jenni or Mel B.


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kristina proffitt said...

Hee hee! I'm not that kind of person! Love that! So glad the talent show went well! LOL at those jokes! Yay for Cracker Barrel! I hope you are feeling better! I'm glad Helio didn't get kicked off! I love him and Julianne. They're my favorites. :) I'm glad the person who got kicked off got kicked off. He was a bit braggy if you ask me! Well, have a good Wednesday! TTYS! :)