Saturday, December 01, 2007

the deal of the century

I got the deal of the century yesterday at Gymboree.
That place is crazy when it comes to sales.
They're too good to pass up!

I got (before tax)...drumroll please....$199 worth of clothes for $51!!!

Yes...I said $51.

Here's how.
They had marked a bunch of stuff 40% off.
Then they had an extra 20% off of that.
Then I happened to have a coupon in my purse for 20% of my entire purchase.
In addition to those three discounts, they were giving out GymBucks!!!
GymBucks are basically just a gift certficate so I'm taking that off the price of what I paid for because I will definitely redeem them.

So not counting the GymBucks, I got...
a Christmas dress for $20 that was originally $49.50
a headband to go with it (red sequined) that was was $5, normally $7

A gorgeous pale green corduroy dress for $13 that was orig. $34.50
A tartan plaid blouse (to see Santa in) for $6! It was orig. $24.50
Hair bows to match a dress she already has and another new one...

A creme turtleneck that wasn't on sale but my coupon saved me $2
a great cableknit sweater dress that is red and adorable, it was only like $12 on sale

A cute, cute, cute striped dress that has CUPCAKE ties (love it!)
and cute little cupcake tights! The dress wasn't on sale but I saved 20% anyway...

So if you add up all the original prices, it comes to $199
Then if you subtract all my discounts, it came to $101
But then if you take away the $50 gift certificate, it comes to $51!!!!!

The hilarious thing is, before I hit Gymboree, I got ONE dress at Dillards for more than that.
I kinda regret that now but Caroline loves it so we'll see.
It might be goin' back.
The clothes at Dillards are detestable. So teenage-looking. Not for my 7 yr. old.
Even Mike pointed out that they looked really mature!

Anyway...I just love a bargain! I was grinning like an idiot when I left the store!
And I have Hollye to thank for my Gymboree obsession. Thanks Holl!

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Hollye said...

You totally crack me up! I was just there yesterday. I need to make another trip to get a few more things and use my coupon. I'm a little upset because they cheated me out of a Gymbuck. I am thinking about returning my goodies and buying them again to get my Gymbuck...AND my additional 20% off. YEs, Gymboree is an obsession and I LOVE the new cupcake line. I've only gotten one piece from that line so far, but give me time, the line being on sale and a coupon and I'll be there!