Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hello friends and neighbors.

Mostly friends. I don't think my neighbors read my blog. :)

How are ya?
I have been super crazy busy as always.
My new friend, Jennifer, from my homeschool group read my blog and remarked on my busyness.
I said, "you'd seem that busy too if you just wrote down all the things you have to do."
I'm sure that's true of most of you.

What you don't see is my piles of dirty laundry, my crazy kid's bedroom that I literally have to climb in to get around, over the piles of toys.
I just now got my decorating done. This is the latest it's ever been done.
But that's okay. I'm too blessed to be stressed!
(I heard someone in a Tigermart say that once and I'm keepin' it.)

Last Sunday was our Christmas program at church. I took 300 pictures.
Here's our littlest group so cute. I expect Caroline to still be this age, then I see her with Santa and she's so tall!!!! That makes me sad! (see below)

Monday we had our homeschool Christmas party at the bowling alley.
Caroline got the best gift ever - a felt playset. I know it didn't cost $5, which is what we were supposed to spend. We'll just chalk it up to a blessing.

Monday night and Tuesday I spent hours typing over 300 addresses into a database for my Pastor's Christmas cards. My hands were in a cramp! I'm soooo glad it's done. I bought $266 worth of stamps! Now this week, I have to stick 'em on there. LOL

Wednesday was my 3rd week to work and I am still loving getting a paycheck. ha, ha!

Thursday was my "stay at home and finish decorating" day. I finally finished at midnight last night.

Friday I went Christmas shopping and I got a lot accomplished but I still have so much to get! Do you? It's a bit overwhelming.

Saturday we had a HUGE thing at church where we fed over 50 children from our bus ministry. They come from a really bad part of a town nearby. After the service, volunteers followed them home with gifts for all of them. It was great to see the joy on their faces.

I just got home from a Christmas party at church for the Sunday School workers.
So you can see why I haven't blogged all week!!!!

Now I have to get some pictures to the Star News from our thing Saturday.
I have to get ready for three Christmas parties we're attending this week!
I need to clean, do laundry, finish shopping, send out cards and more.
Just wanted to say hey and be blessed!!! Hope you're enjoying this holiday season.


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kristina proffitt said...

Shew! You make me tired just reading your blog! ;) Oh, and I love that "Too blessed to be stressed." Gonna have to remember that! :) Have a good week, girl!