Friday, December 28, 2007

It's 3:03 am....

and I should be in bed but I thought I'd post a little bloggity blog.

I have spent about 6 hours today cleaning out an e-mail account for one of the Pastors I work for. Yikes. I have been working on it for weeks and I finally got it down from....drumroll please....1296 e-mails to about 25 in his regular box. That means I actually went thru 1250 e-mails and either filed them or deleted them. Wow. Go me.

So how was your Christmas!!? Mine was great. Kind of non-eventful. Relaxing. I liked that. We laughed a lot during one point. That was nice. I decided to sing Christmas carols in a bluegrass style while Mike played the guitar. Oh boy was it funny. My Mom had to leave the room because she couldn't breathe from laughing.

I think, though, that I always expect Christmas to be some huge, grand event and then when it's not, I'm a little let-down. I mean, I didn't hear angels sing or anything. The skies didn't open up and a light shine down - GLORIA!!!!!!! - or anything like that. I didn't get a new car like the girl in the commercial who had to have a bag to breathe in to. But I love what I got. I guess I'm a little sad it's over because I was a little too busy this year to enjoy its coming. I'm keepin' my decorations up for at least another week. Don't judge me.

I really meant to spend more time in prayer and Bible reading this Christmas too. I usually listen to really inspiring Christmas Gospel cd's but I didn't much this year. No wonder my feelings fell flat. I lost my focus on the holiday it seems.

What did you get for Christmas? I got $200 in cash, 2 Jim Caviezel movies (hubba, hubba), one of my favorite laugh-riot movies, Clifford with Martin Short (although I just watched it and to my horror, they said a bad curse word in it! I'll have to FF thru that part), also, 5 cd's, Season 3 of Andy Griffith, some nice glasses and a pitcher, a Starbucks card from my silly daughter (I don't drink coffee but I do like their sweets), 3 SMOKIN' scrapbook idea books, my fave being The Scrapbooker's Almanac by Elizabeth Dillow. I've been reading it since Christmas and I just finished. I'm ready to scrap baby! Let's see....I think that's all! I'm seeing Tiffany this weekend to exchange gifts. Then I'll get some things from my Pastors I'm sure but I missed church Sunday because Caroline was sick.

Anyway...that was a big long random list, huh?

I hope your holiday was merry! I'm off to bed!

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