Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday mania

I'm finally back home after about 12 hours!

We had a great homeschool meeting this morning.
I taught the card-making class and the Moms seemed to enjoy it!
They want me to do more scrapbookie things with them so I'm going to try to.

After the meeting, Caroline and I had a great lunch at Cracker Barrel.
We sat in front of the fire and played checkers on our checker-board table.
I got a great ornament for $1.19!

Then I ran by the church to follow up on some things before going to the Dr.
Turns out...the reason I can't stop coughing is that I have "walking bronchitis."
That means I have bacteria in my lungs that needs steroids and a really strong antibiotic to clear it up.
I have had really bad headaches from coughing, I hope they'll stop now.

I'm getting ready to get drugged up and go to bed early.
My head is hurting even right now. It's in the back, kind of a weird pain.
I hope it goes away with the infection/coughing.

Good night all!

PS - Jessica - I have pictures of my scrap space on Two here. The pictures are spread around on various cd's so it would take me a while to e-mail them to you.


Jessica said...

Thanks Tracie!

Kristi O said...

You need to get well, I have had that and its nothing to mess around with. Stay warm and drink lots of fluid, get well. Jesus heal this family. Amen

annie said...

i hope you are feeling!
maybe you will get some rest today:)
miss you~