Monday, December 03, 2007

my life is a marathon

Do you ever feel like life is a marathon you're running and you can barely keep up?
That's how I feel right now!
I have so much to get accomplished and so little time.
Except for the time I sat in church, I literally only rested for one hour today.

Tomorrow is my monthly homeschool group and I'm teaching "Card-Making 101" to the Moms.
I've decided teaching card-making is more my forte than teaching scrapbooking.
I just have too simple of a style to teach scrapbooking. It doesn't translate well.
But cards...I love them so much that it's fun to think of new ideas.
I made a handout with tips and "recipes" for cards.

I spent about 3 hours working on that, then right as I was in the middle of making my samples...the lights went out! Yuck. I made one by candelight and it's kinda wonky.
Then Mike got all the Christmas boxes down and I put up my nutcracker collection, snowman collection and got one tree ready to decorate. Now I still have my little village and my big tree to do.

At 10 pm, I started cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry cause it had to be done.

Then I tried going to sleep but my mind is a whirlwind with this week's events coming up: a Christmas party, things to bake for parties, work at church, a photo session with friends Thursday at Opryland Hotel, homeschool functions, a Christmas parade, a Girl Scouts "Polite 101" class and reg. Girl Scouts, a birthday party, a Christmas program rehearsal, gifts to buy for parties, bulletins to make for our Christmas program and I have to find a huge Christmas story book for my Pastor to read to the children Sunday night, my Assoc. Pastor's newsletter to put together, e-mails to input, finish decorating my house, go to the grocery store, laundry, laundry, laundry, school every day. Oh my word. That is literally what I have coming up just this week!

I think all the other runners are passing me...


Jessica said...

I was looking at your post from ealier this year when you showed your scrapbooking area. I was wondering if I could get the pictures emailed to me. I was trying to print them and I was having a hard time. Thanks!

kristina proffitt said...

Wowee, girl! You ARE busy! I hope you stop to catch your breath and enjoy the holiday season! :)