Saturday, January 19, 2008

words to live by

Our Pastor had me type these up last Sunday and we handed them out to everyone.
These are things he wants our members to work on this year.
I think they rock! I thought I would share them with you. Click on the scriptures to read them.

Eight Biblical Declaratives To Live By In 2008 (based on II Peter 1:5-11)
  1. I will be a problem solver, not a critic.
  2. I will guard my heart and order my conversation. Psalms 17:3 and Psalms 141:3
  3. I will continue to adjust and align my attitude and spirit in order to stay focused and committed.
  4. I refuse to live in a "failure-syndrome." Romans 8:37
  5. I will renew daily the spirit of my mind. Isaiah 26:3
  6. I will resist the temptation to quit. Philippians 4:13
  7. I will be a character-driven, not an emotionally-driven individual. I Peter 3:4
  8. I will pray and believe for God's best over my family, marriage, church, leaders and pastors. James 5:16

I think these are so awesome and I am going to do my best to live by them in 2008.


jennifer said...

This is wonderful! I have printed it to stay reminded. Could I share this with my small group from church?

deb said...

Very good list. I think this is something I need to print off and study on. I should have seen this yesterday. Several of these principals slipped by me unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

These are good words to live by; I like the list. Just catching up a bit on your blog since I hadn't stopped by in a while. Sorry to see you haven't been feeling well; I hope you are feeling much better now. Tell Jen happy birthday from me!


stephanie said...

Printing this as I type.

Thank you!