Saturday, January 12, 2008

Got a little scrappin done tonight....

Just a little.
I hung out with some girlfriends and they mostly watched TLC while I worked on a mini-album.
I've been working on my Christmas mini-album for two years!
I just need 6 more pictures and some page protectors and I'll be ready to start journaling.
Unfortunately, I'm out of ink.

Came home at 12:45 am and had to spank Caroline.
That child is a mess lately.
She wouldn't get out of the car. Just plain refused.
She wasn't sleeping or anything. Wide awake. Looking straight ahead.
She does that sometimes.
We get home and she just sits there on purpose.
For what reason...I have no clue.
Before I got out, I said "get out, I'm going in and locking the door behind me."
She didn't.
So I went in.
Peeked out the front door.
There she sat, looking at me like it's funny.
I turned all the lights off.
I waited.
I blinked the lights on and off.
Stood there waiting and watching her. Freezing. Getting more and more aggravated.
Finally, I go to the door open it and in a not-so-nice voice said....

Oh my goodness that girl can irritate me more than life itself sometimes.

Well...I'm waiting for my husband to come home and it's 2:20 am.
He'll be here any minute but I can't go to sleep until he's here.
I hate it when he comes in late.

This is a whiney blog post, huh? Sorry. Life's rough. heehee

Guess I'll blog ya later!

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Renee said...

Maybe it's because she was the Queen among all the princes? I know a certain Diva around here who when she has gotten everyone around her to do her bidding all day will revolt when they leave and she is left to deal in Mom's World.

I bet she had her hat off, she would be too cute to spank in that hat!

Great seeing you-sorry for the quick good-bye.