Saturday, January 05, 2008


So how was your Saturday? Mine was laid-back.

I slept in a bit (although someone called and woke me up at 8:15, I wasn't thrilled about that).

Then I ate my new favorite thing....Quaker Simple Harvest Oatmeal with Brown Sugar and Pecans. Yum.

Spent some time cleaning, doing the dishes and laundry and cleaning off the counter where I put my purse. It was so messy stuff was falling off everywhere. Oy.

Watched a couple episodes of my new Andy DVD - the first one with Ernest T. Bass and the one where 2 bad criminals come to town and Barney keeps accidentally letting them go.

Then I downloaded about 300 pictures to, burned them to cd's and sent some for printing.

Then Mike came home and we went to Backyard Burgers, Walmart, Publix and home.

Now I'm so tired I can't wait to crawl into bed. I do want to look at my new Scrapbooks, etc. before I go to sleep. I somehow missed buying the January issue! Dude! That's just wrong!

So was that a boring recap or what? heehee

Here are some of my favorite pics I downloaded today...from Christmas afternoon and the day after.... I haven't *tweaked* any of these yet but I thought I'd share them fresh off the camera....

My Mom's wonderful home-cooking...we had party foods so she wouldn't have to spend too long in the kitchen. There's my delightful sweet potato casserole, wish I had a bite right now!

Here's Caroline opening her favorite gift from my Mom. It was a surprise. I told her it was too expensive. ha-ha! I really thought it was but it wasn't. This is one of the only geniune smiles I've gotten out of her on Christmas in years. I might have to get a 5x7 of this one....

After dinner and gifts, Caroline entertained us by singing and then we all sang together...

This one's for my Christmas mini-album I am making. Getting an advent calendar like this is one of our family traditions. She loves opening the doors each day and finding chocolate!

The day after Christmas, we were hanging out in Caroline's room and I noticed some great light. Popped the Santa hat on and voila....great shots. I got loads like this. Makes me so happy.

Happy weekend! Tomorrow if I have time, I'll share Christmas morning pictures.


deb said...

Sounds like a good day. I am really envious you got to go to Backyard Burgers. I love that place. They sadly shut the one down in Southern Pines that I used to go to. They had the best burgers!

Kim Orr said...

Love the pics, Tracie.. What brand of camera do you have?

Chelle said...

These are gorgeous pictures!!!

annie said...

fun Saturday!
love the pics - i still have camera envy...someday:)
love the new CI stuff...might have to visit to i need anything else to scrap with - ha!
glad you have a favorite store again, but it makes me sad:(
see you at JB's!