Tuesday, January 22, 2008

so sad

Did you hear about Heath Ledger dying? Wow. He was only 28. So sad.

Someone else died that I care more about. Remember Sam the Butcher from The Brady Bunch? His name was Allan Melvin and I know him most from my beloved Andy Griffith shows. He made eight guest appearances on The Andy Griffith Show in eight different roles. I always say that every time there's a crook, he is it but he is always playing a different person!! Too funny. He was 84 years old.

How's your week goin? I'm getting organized for tomorrow. I have the longest to-do list in life. I've got to get a bunch of it knocked out tomorrow.

Thursday I need to get caught up on laundry, dishes, cleaning the house and take down my Christmas decorations! That's right folks, we are still celebrating here. Not really...just haven't had a hubby around to get the boxes down. Mike has been out of town for over a week, he just got back.

Well....gotta run...blog ya later!


Renee said...


dhill said...

So sad to hear about the losses of the actors. Another young one passed away last week... his name is not coming to me right now.

I really loved Allan Melvin as an actor! I remember him on the Andy shows... he played a tough guy that was going to beat up Barney one time. Another time he played the bad guy ex-boyfriend of Howard's new love interest, a new gal in town named Millie. Those shows always make me laugh!

Don't know if you're a Gomer fan, but Allan M. played a major part in that show, too. I always loved how he and Sargent Carter were at each other all the time. He made with wagers with Carter about Gomer's performance in the Marines.

He was so talented, and will truly be missed!

Email me when you get time -- would love to chat a bit with ya'. :-)


stephanie said...

I remember him! (Sam the Butcher)

My to-do list is ever so
s l o w l y shrinking!

Miss talking to you!

Hugs to you!