Sunday, January 27, 2008


It's 12:51 am and I just got home and got my child in bed.
The last two days have been a whirlwind...

Yesterday morning, we went to the Nashville Children's Theater downtown to see Junie B. Jones.
It was incredible!!!!!!
I was absolutely blown away. It was so good, I would like to see it again!
Here's a picture of their new theater, I hadn't been to it yet. It is awesome!
Then we went shopping at Green Hills Mall, my favorite mall.
I had $50 worth of Gymboree Gymbucks so I was able to get $110 worth of clothes for $55.
I got Caroline the cutest sundress, with a matching hat and matching sunglasses!

I also got her this adorable little shirt to wear with jean or white capris.
Plus, I got a dress for right now that has hearts on it. With my discount, it was $6.50!
I also got this shirt for right this headband to wear for Valentine's Day.

After hitting the mall, we went to the salon and got Caroline's hair cut.
It looks adorable. It was her first time in a salon, my Mom has always cut it.
It curls up by itself again now which I love. It was way tooooooo long.
I want to get her some more hats, her hair is the perfect length for hats right now.

Today she had Easter Cantata practice at church while I printed and folded the bulletin.
Then we went to Cracker Barrel and Payless to get her some new shoes.
I found two pair for me which is kind of shocking because I never find shoes I love.
One pair is red ballet flats with a huge bow on them. I had similar ones in the 80's!

After getting some cute new black shoes, I decided I needed a new outfit for church.
So I went in Ross and found a cute skirt but no shirt. I hate that.
Then I started going in store after store looking for a black sweater.
Did you know they're aren't making them anymore? Actually I think they're all sold out.
I couldn't find one anywhere!!!!!
So I ended up buying a really cute red blazer and new black skirt at Cato.

Then I went by my Mom's to see if she could take up the sleeves on the blazer
Did you know I have the world's shortest arms?
The alteration took 4 hours! I feel bad. It was a pain.
During that time, Caroline put clothes on that my Mom washed in Wisk and had an allergic reaction to the detergent (we use All Free and Clear) and her legs broke out in hives on the back.
I put cream all over them and took the pants off and they're a bit better.

So here I am, at 12:51 am and just now getting time to blog and catch up on e-mails.
8 am is gonna come awful early.
I'm waiting on Mike to come home.
He played in Cookeville tonight. About an hour and a half away. Poor man.

So was this the longest blog post ever or what?????

Have a great weekend!!
Peace out.


stephanie said...

Cute stuff, I tell ya!
We went to our Gymboree today and scored some cutie stuff, too.

Wish Junie was playing here...Emma would LOVE it!

Renee said...

Page went w/ school and loved it too. I so badly wanted to go! Maybe we can go with you guys if you decide to go again???

Nancy said...

My daughters Brownie troop went last year to see Junie. I went as well. It was fabulous.

Nancy in MA