Friday, January 11, 2008

too busy to blog!

I've been too busy to blog - sorry!!
I just spent 4 hours working on church stuff.
I've been updating my Associate Pastor's My Space page. He has so much going on, it's making my head hurt. heehee

I wanna scrap tomorrow night so I hope I can go to sleep right now and sleep in.
It's 1:52 am as I type this.

We had some scary storms here today. Tornado watches too.
I just laid in bed and snuggled under a blanket all day.
I am not a fan of rainy days.

Gotta go to ya later!

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kristina proffitt said...

Hey girl! Hope you are having a great day! Wasn't yesterday a horrible day? Ugh! I'm glad there weren't any tornadoes! I hope you get some scrappin' in! TTYS! :)