Saturday, February 09, 2008


Today was a whirlwind!

Caroline and her Daddy had a Father-Daughter Banquet to attend so we had to get her ready for that. We had to time her shower early enough that her hair would dry naturally. Then we had to do more than one day's worth of school because we've fallen a little behind this week. Not normal for us. She'll have to work on it tomorrow too. Today she had to write a report about America. I love to hear the things she comes up with. I need to scan it and share.

On the way to meet Daddy, I stopped by Dillards to buy her a black cardigan for her sleeveless satin red dress. They were all so weird! What happened to good, old-fashioned cardigans? These were all really short and weird. I finally found one with a fur collar that I loved but it barely fit. Thank goodness it was half price. Still I'm out almost $20 bucks for something she'll wear a couple of times. Hopefully I can sell it later.

I dropped her off and then I met Sherri and we went to Hobby Lobby for a few minutes. I love that Hobby Lobby in Hermitage. So much better than the one near me! I got the cutest kit with an Easter 8x8 paper album, paper and embellishments for $5.99 - 40% off = $3.59!!! Totally cute. Now I have to get Caroline a bright Easter dress to match it. ha!

After that, my sister and I hit a Chinese joint for some egg rolls, chicken on a stick, shrimp lo-mein and chicken and broccoli. Then we rented "The Holiday" with Jude Law. Good grief that man is sexy. I could eat him with a spoon. That movie totally rocks. I have seen it twice now. Only one bad word (totally uncalled for) but I knew it was coming so I muted it! LOL I would buy it except for that one stupid word. Also, I already have one obsession with a movie star (Jim Caviezel), I don't need to add Jude Law to the list...yummy though he may be.

Now that the movie is over, I'm thinking and writing in an English accent. Do you ever do that? I so wish I had Kate Winslet's voice and accent. I feel like such a country bumpkin when I hear such elegance coming forth out of a mouth. They say things like, "nevertheless" and "my pleasure" and "how do you do?" I want to say "how do you do?" but the closest I get is HOWDY! I came home at 12:30 am and did a load of dishes and folded a load of laundry. Now my eyes are closing so I'm signing off.....

Hope your weekend is delightful and full of happy moments.


kristina proffitt said...

LOVE that movie! Happy Weekend! :)

Hollye said...

I love that movie. My obsession is Love Actually. I love that movie.