Saturday, February 23, 2008

in dire need of inspiration

I am in dire need of inspiration to scrapbook.
Perhaps just a swift kick in the pants would do.

I have a desk piled with shopping bags from scrapbook store trips.
New supplies used to delight me. Whatever.

Even new magazines aren't really doing it for me.
I still love the "idea" of scrapping. I think I drifted away from the "why."

I even wrote down a motto. I'll have to share it when I find that little paper I wrote it on. hee

I did run across something absolutely fabulous tonight.
I think this might make me wanna play.
If only I can find the time.

It's by Beth Proudfoot. From the Simple Studio blog.
Jenni has been making little books like this but this is more my bright & happy style.

I think she just picked out some little things, laid them all together and then punched holes.
Does that sound like how she did it? (She asks all her scrapper friends.)

Isn't this delightful? (Can you tell I'm typing in an English accent tonight?)

Now what can my 10 list be about? Certainly not Summer. Not there yet.

10 Things I Love About.....(your suggestion here).


jennifer said...

I'm right there with you. I just can't get inspired right now either. But this little project might do the trick.

How about "10 things I love about scrapbooking"? Then you could flip through it whenever you need to be reminded!

Tammy Batson said...

how about Mike! It is Love month!!! or ... 10 things I love about my home ... or ... do ... 10 things I love about 365 Days of the year and then list 10 holidays/seasons (I came up with over 10 combining the two) ... =0)

Renee said...

or my favorite...

10 things I love about my crazy friend Renee! or

10 things that bring me JOY!...Hey, I would be included in either one of those ideas! Now, that's is simply divine.

You have inspired me to do a rocking lo using your Joyce Meyer quote, just need to get "the" picture