Monday, February 18, 2008

major overhaul

I'm doing a major overhaul on my house today.
Caroline and I cleaned out the toy closet under the stairs.
Now we are in the process of cleaning the Den.
This is shocking to say but it hasn't been cleaned since Christmas!
We are just now putting her Christmas toys away!
Dreadful, I know.
I couldn't find a place for them until I cleaned the closet and it is a long process.

Now I'm almost done with both, thank goodness.
I still have laundry, dishes and bathrooms to do but at least I'm makin' progress!

Sorry I've been ignoring my blog.
I'll get back to it with more interesting news later....


Renee said...

I think spring cleaning hit a few homes. I decided to "what not to wear" my closet and have a huge pile of unwearables.

Miss you-

jennifer said...

I attacked Courtney's room the other day too. Where does this stuff come from?