Monday, February 11, 2008

okay now that is just too cool

One of my best friends,Renee Graham, owns a Dairy Queen near here. We all think she's the coolest ever for bringing us free ice cream cakes on our birthday. I mean, who doesn't love the DQ, right?

Now something really cool has happened! A lady by the name of Susan Gregg-Gilmore has written a novel inspired by the days when her grandfather used to take her to the Dairy Queen every Sunday after church. THE very same Dairy Queen that is now owned by Renee (and her hubby).

The author has a website where you can read an excerpt from the book and it is delightful. I will definitely be reading it. It's about a small-town girl from Georgia who sits at the DQ and dreams of leaving her small town one day.

I think this is pretty neat. I've always had a special place for Dairy Queens in my heart. My first job was at the Goodlettsville DQ. Every day after school, the bus dropped me off for work. I would change out of my Christian-school uniform and come home smelling like hamburgers with ice cream splattered across my chest from making blizzards. I worked there the year they introduced the Blizzard. They made us hand them out upside-down! Boy do I have some funny stories about that! I need to do a layout. Too bad I don't have a picture of me from those days. I was only 15 but I convinced the owner to give me a job. It was hard, hard work.

Check out the book's website and read the excerpt here. I love it already - can't wait to read more!


kristina proffitt said...

How cool! It sounds like a great book! We love DQ - especially the butterscotch dilly bars! We'll have to go and eat at Renee's DQ when we move up that way! Fun! Have a great Tuesday! :)

Renee said...

Renee's DQ! How funny is that? My hubby would be rolling his eyes, but he couldn't do it without me. I thought of you when I was reading this book. She uses lots of wonderfully comical biblical titles on her chapters. One of my favorites was Waiting for My Moses Moment with Joseph Riding Shotgun! You're going to love it. Come to our book club!