Thursday, February 07, 2008

random thoughts

- I have been in super bad pain today with my back and chest pain and I have no idea why. My sweet husband worked on me forever tonight with some coconutty oil and now I feel much better. I don't know what I would do without that man. He is my gift from God.

- As far as the storms, we didn't get any damage here but our county is one that's being declared a Disaster Area. The damage is about 20 miles past us. My Pastors live very near to where the damage hit in Castalian Springs and Pastor Wess said the house shook so bad it gave him an eerie feeling and he had his kids under a mattress in the middle of the night! About 4-5 miles from him, there is complete and total destruction. So horrible. My heart just aches for these people.

- Do you watch Celebrity Apprentice? That is my favorite show right now. Omarosa is one I just love to hate. Sometimes I even almost like her but mostly she grates on my nerves.

- Did you see that new Lipstick Jungle show? I was happy that it was pretty clean! I hope it stays that way but I kind of doubt it will. I saw Brooke Shields say it gets nastier so I guess that will be when I stop watching. But I immediately liked the characters, especially the Fashion Designer and her billionare beau. He is a hottie from my era - the 80's BABY!

- I'm so old now that I think men in their 50's are hot. Wow. I can say that and feel no ickiness. Strange but true.

- Speaking of old husband will be 42 on Valentine's Day. I have no clue what to buy him for a gift. He probably would like some obscure music cd that I have never heard of. I wish I could read his mind so I could surprise him.

- I bought 8 Valentines the other day just for fun. I love Valentine's Day. All the red and pink makes me happy. I can't wait for Caroline to see what I got her. I would sneak and tell but sweetly enough...she reads my blog while she's online! So cute.

- Caroline and Daddy are going to a Daddy-Daughter Banquet tomorrow night. I'm bummed that I can't be there to see them dance and be all fancy-schmancy together. I hope they take a good picture 'cause I'm kinda picky about pictures, know what I mean?

Hmmm....guess that's it. Blog ya later!


Jill LaFaye said...

Izabelle and Rich will be there also:)
I was thinking the same thing about being there to take pictures..maybe we can sneak in..what cha think?

Renee said...

so glad that you are safe from the disaster. I was really quite oblivious to the severity of the storm. We slept thru all of it without even turning on the weather channel. So not like us.

Wish we could get together to make Valentine's cards. Mine aren't so hot.