Monday, March 03, 2008

did I go a whole week without blogging?

Sorry 'bout that!

This week FLEWWWWWW by.
Between housework, homeschooling, work and being a wife and Mother, I blink and I miss life sometimes.
I just spent almost 2 hours planning for this week.
Tomorrow I'm helping our Pastors as they tape for our new television show.
We are going to be on CTN, Channel 21 six days a week! I'm excited.
I'm going to do cue cards for them tomorrow while they tape.
I have homeschool group first thing.
I'm teaching about Spring and the weather.
I had to come up with most of it from the internet because I wait until the last minute!

I have some Snow pictures to share but Blogger is not letting me upload right now.

Tune in tomorrow for those!
Blog ya later Gator!
I'm off to bed!


stephanie said...

Know what you mean about time flying by, Tracie!

Have fun teaching kiddos about the weather!

P.S. Love the music!

doris sander said...

good to see you last night! :D