Saturday, March 29, 2008


Ick. I'm sick.
I had an acid attack last night after eating a taco dish I made, salsa and then Reeses Peanut Butter cups.
I know better than that. I honestly just forget.
I can only eat chocolate at night if I have had nothing else that would irritate me.
I was supposed to work all day and had to cancel.
I don't know if I even feel like going to church tomorrow.
The worst part was the Zegrid powdered stuff I had to drink last night. It's like death.
It works. But it tastes like dirt. Literally. 2 Nexium and 1 Zegrid finally helped.

Anyway...just thought I'd come on here and whine.
I've slept most of the day and I just watched Catch Me If You Can with Leo DiCaprio.
That is one of the best movies ever made.
I've seen it 4-5 times now. Love it every time. Tom Hanks is always in great movies.

Check ya later gator.....have a nice Sunday.

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Jill LaFaye said...

Would ya like some cheese with that whine? Kidding:o)

Hope you are feeling better.

and..BTW..Mike did land a he got a are sweet, smart, crafty, talented, funny and you love the Lord!

Sweet dreams..I gotta go to is 12:12a..and I didn't go to bed until 4a this morning and got up at 8:30a..yikes!

P.s. Let me know if you want a new brochure every couple of weeks..Mike's office is near several customers of mine..I will put you on my book route:)