Friday, March 14, 2008

more on Photo Freedom...

I just read Photo Freedom cover to cover and I love it!
I skimmed it thru twice first and then savored every word today.

If you haven't read The Big Picture, you might not understand this book.
It is truly a follow-up book with detailed instructions.

Fortunately, I love The Big Picture and everything Stacy Julian has to say.
I wasn't expecting to learn anything new because I'm familiar with her system.
I'm happy to say that I did learn some new things and my wheels are turning.
My organizational wheels.
This book is all about getting organized with your pictures in a way that promotes making connections and scrapping what's meaningful vs. scrapping chronologically.

I'm all for that!

I have a plan and I actually had it all typed up here but then I decided that I'm not sure about it yet. Still turning it over in my mind.

I know the whole point of Stacy's system is to move away from yearly albums but I still like the idea of a few yearly layouts. More than one year in an album though.

I am a few years behind on some events/holidays and caught up on others. And it's not about being caught up for me but I would like to be caught up on my event layouts at some point because they really do tell a story of our lives. The "moments" type layouts have actually taken over my albums for the past few years and events/holidays have moved to the backburner. I want to change that and have a more even number of both.

The best thing about this book is that it teaches you how to deal with the photos left over from the event layouts. If you take 50 pictures at Christmas, what do you do with the rest? Stacy tells you. She also reminds us to make connections using those left-over pics. It's all about how you file your pictures. I'm going to follow her system for my left-overs and I have a plan for that too but I'll spare you. ha!

I'm excited. I feel like I have a fire under my feet to get scrappin. In fact, I just started a 9x9 layout tonight about my favorite dress when I was little. I'm halfway thru and loving it.

Start with the story.
Have a plan.
Just do it - don't put it off - make time daily.
Stay organized, don't over-buy.
Remember, this is fun!
Focus on the big picture of all your albums.

That's my new motto.

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Renee said...

Details woman! Share the details and don't get're talking to the woman who put Page's play clothes in clear quart size space bags so that her dress up drawer wouldn't be such amess!