Thursday, March 27, 2008


So how was your Thursday?
I let Caroline take a Spring Break for 4 days this week since all her friends are out.
Today, we picked up some friends and went to Dragon Park by Vanderbilt.
Love that place!!!
It was only a little bit chilly.

After that, we went by the downtown library.
My friend (the Mom) cracked me up, she was like, "I haven't been downtown since 1998."
I was filling her in all on my favorite places.
She's not from here and has moved back and forth.

After a fun day playing with friends, we ate at the new Mr. Gatti's pizza buffet.
Very yummy.
Then we hit a new Walgreens and they had an entire aisle of Easter stuff left!
I asked the manager if he would give it all to our children's outreach program.
I'm going to find out tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.

Got a lot going on this weekend...a minister coming in, finishing up a big project with one of the Pastors, radio interviews for Pastor Wess, gift baskets to be delivered, etc.

Anyway...if I don't blog again for a few days, that's why!
Maybe one day I'll scrap again. I got excited telling my non-scrappy friend about it today.
I might snag me a new convert.

Just watched the Celebrity Apprentice finale. I totally knew Piers was going to win!
I wanted Trace to win. I like him. Mike just played his daughter's wedding and he got to spend time with Trace and Trace sat in with the band and Mike played with him.
Pretty cool to see him on such a big show. I think it's been a boost to his career.

Gotta get Caroline in the shower!
Have a happy weekend!

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Renee Camacho said...

I haven't been to Dragon Park in awhile. I'm gonna have to take the kids there one afternoon after school next week. Thanks for reminding me about it!