Friday, April 04, 2008

be careful

I want to share something with you that my Pastor says all the time.
Be careful who you allow to speak into your life.

Don't allow someone whose life does not line up with the Word of God to have influence over you.
That includes people like Oprah, the ladies on The View, someone you met in a Mom's group, etc.
Take counsel from Godly people and even then, search the Word for confirmation.

I saw a disturbing video about Oprah and her latest book and I had typed up and posted a whole blog post about it but then I realized, this is really nothing new.
Oprah has been sharing "secrets" to a better life for a long time.
We Christians just smile and listen but it's time for us to turn the tv off.
The "secret" is Jesus.
There is no "new Earth." This Earth is full of sin and the only hope for it is Jesus.
So many people are searching, searching, searching and there He is...waiting.

Be strong in your faith and know the truth. Do not be easily swayed.
I challenge you to test everything you believe against the Word of God.

Jesus loves you. If you will seek after a true relationship with Him, you will find true peace.
I just really felt impressed to tell you that today.


kristina proffitt said...

I totally agree, Tracie. I do not like Oprah at all. Too many people are into that "Purpose Driven Life" stuff, too. Not good. We have to be diligent. Thanks for the reminder. Hope you are feeling better! Hugs!

Kristi O said...

Tracie, you are so right! Its really good to be reminded.

annie said...


TracieClaiborne said...

Oh I love Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren though. I had to reply to that. He is all about finding God's purpose for your life, living only for the will of God and His purpose, instead of your own. Kristina - you might be confusing that with something else.

kristina proffitt said...

Hey Tracie - I'll e-mail you! :)

TracieClaiborne said...

Apparentely there are some people who are critical of PDL. I am looking into it. Thanks Kristina.

Sarah said...

Hi Tracie. I think you are right on the money and I'm glad to see you writing for real again. Love it, in fact.

RE: PDL. I happen to think it's a great book. I also happen to think that every book about spiritual grownth on the market today has people who think it's inspired and people who will swear it's completely heretical. Books have been getting people stirred up for a million years. That's kinda the point.

I'm waiting patiently (not) to get a new book by Henri Nouwen called "The Only Necessary Thing: Living a Prayerful Life". He's never led me wrong.

Happy Saturday my friend.

deb said...

You are so right. It's frightening the legions of followers who hang on the words coming from Oprah. She is way too new ageist and it's scary.

Leslie said...

Amen on Oprah! ITA!

Oh, and those ladies, scrath that, women on The View.