Sunday, April 27, 2008

happy birthday to me.

Yesterday was my birthday.
Happy birthday to me.
I mainly cleaned my house because all I truly wanted for my birthday was a clean house.
It's 75% there.
I just have to do bathrooms and floors tomorrow.
Almost all the laundry is done too.

I'm super duper excited because arriving tomorrow is my birthday gift from Mike...
the latest and greatest mini-printer from Epson.
It's the Epson Picturemate Dash 260 and according to Kristi who teaches for Creative Cafe, it's so fabulous, I'll want to make out with it. ha!
She went on and on about it at the Scrap, Etc. event so I had to check it out.
The pictures last 200 years in a photo album and 90 years under glass on the wall.
They're supposed to last 2 to 4 times longer than a regular photo lab.

The reason I wanted it is because it prints 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, mini-wallets, jumbo wallets & index prints.
It also does a boatload of things without even being connected to a computer.
I'm going to get the battery pack for it and carry it with me to friend's houses.
Also, the paper is really nice matte with a texture. I'm very picky about photo paper.

So, I'm excited.
Can you tell?
I can't wait for Mike to come home with it.

I also got a new Gooseberry Patch "Easy Casseroles" cookbook
a new Amy Grant Hymns cd from Cracker Barrel
the new Scrapbooks, etc. magazine all with birthday money from Mom
Pride and Prejudice, the 8-hour mini-series on DVD (yay!)
money from Pastors Wess and Betsy
a gift certificate to DaVinci nails from my other Pastors
I'm getting together with some more people this week so who knows what else!!!!?

I'm like a little kid.
Speaking of kids, check out this wonderful, awesome thing my friend just posted.
It's her prayers for her children. She prays one of these things each day for a week.

I love this! I'm making a copy for Mike and me. Love, love, love it.

Week 1
Sunday - For me to release my child into God's protective hands
Monday - For my child's protection from harm
Tuesday - That my child has a strong Biblical self esteem
Wednesday - For my child to establish an eternal future and walk in their salvation
Thursday - For child to honor their parents & resist rebellion. To have respect of self and others
Friday - That they would maintaining good family relationships
Saturday - For my child to attract Godly friends and role models

Week 2
S - They would develop a hunger for the word of God
M - That they would be the person that God created them to be
T - For them to follow the truth, rejecting lies. That they would live in honesty
and integrity
W - For my child to enjoy a life of health and healing
Th - That he/she would have the motivation for proper body care
F - That they would be instilled with and have a desire to learn
S - My child and I could identify and work on their God given talents and gifts

Week 3
S - That my child would learn to use their mouth to speak life and joy.
M - For my child to be attracted to purity and holiness
T - Pray over their room and the time they spend there.
W - That my child would have freedom from fear.
Th - For him/her to receive a sound mind & a love for justice
F - That they would have the joy of the Lord
S - That God will destroy the inheritance of family bondage over my child

Week 4
S - For my child to avoid alcohol, drugs and other addiction and to have self control
M - For my child to reject sexual immorality and remain pure until marriage
T - That they would find a Godly spouse who is in God's will for their life.
W - That they would live free from unforgiveness
Th - For my child to walk in repentance
F - That the Lord would break down ungodly strongholds in their life
S - That my child would seek wisdom and discernment and I would have that as a parent also.

Week 5 (if there's a Week 5)....
That my child would have love and mercy
That my child would grow in faith and grace.


kristina proffitt said...

Ugh. What a horrible friend I am. Happy belated Birthday, Tracie! It sounds like you had a wonderful day! Love that printer and all of the other goodies you got! Fun! Love those prayers, too! Very sweet! I hope your week ahead is great! Please forgive me for the late birthday wishes! Hugs!! :D

doris sander said...

happy birthday! yay for the new printer! :D

thanks for the ellen links. those were SO funny! :D

Kristi O said...

Gosh, I am sorry it took me so long to wish you happy birthday! I hope it was amazing. I am loving your new printer! woohoo! I hope you had a great week and are just going to be blown away with all that God has for you this year! Blessings!

stephanie said...

Happy, happy (belated) Birthday, Tracie!

Enjoy your new printer!
I'll have to email you a few questions about it 'cause it looks like what I want. :)