Monday, April 21, 2008

just thinking out loud...

This week at the Scrap, etc. Event was very different from what I expected.
I thought it was going to be all about scrapbooking and it turned out to be all about God.

Not because Monique talked about God (she didn't) but because so many other people did!
I was pleasantly surprised to meet so many wonderful Christian women this week.
We talked about the Lord and how He is amazing and I felt a kindred spirit with them.

I also had a new sense of clarity and some revelations from God while I was there.
It was like being away from my family and my work allowed me to clear my mind and focus.
A lot of it was just standing around waiting for someone to need help so I had time to think.
That's rare in my life.
I felt God speaking to my heart on a variety of things.

He never ceases to amaze me. Never. Ever.
Now what I have to do is act on what He's shown me and be even more dedicated to Him.

I'm still processing it all but it was really life-changing stuff.
I also realized that my family and my Pastor's family (the Morgans) are my life.
I told Pastor Betsy (Wess' wife) that if she ever turned on me, I would die.
She said, "I feel the same way! I miss you!!!! I kept thinking I would see your little face pull up in the church parking lot."
I love her and Pastor Wess and his parents so much it hurts. My family too.
They are so THERE FOR ME. More than I even deserve.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. My husband and child are being extra sweet to me too.

Just some things on my mind and in my heart....
writing them here helps me remember how I'm feeling.

Hope your weekend rocked! Back to normal tomorrow!


Renee said...

Cool stuff.

Where's the part where the Lord told you to spend more time with your crazy Catholic friend and try to convert her your church by showering her with compliments and food and scrapping stuff and rubbing her feet??????? (ok, I just threw in the feet part, but I'm sure HE said the rest!)

Renee said...

convert her TO your church.

Sometimes I can't type how funny my mind really is....

Angelia said...

Oh, Tracie, it was such a joy to see your smiling face at the event. God's Love just bursts from you, and I want to be more like that. I know the days were loooonnnggg. I've taken 2 naps today - not just lying down to rest, but falling asleep 2 different times! lol And, I know you were working VERY HARD. Take care of yourself. See you again sometime - and I look forward to that!

Virginia said...

Hey girlie girl, I am SO sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to you, things were such insanity there at the end. I'm so very glad I got to make a new friend in you this weekend and hope to see you sometime soon! Keep in touch!


mmullenix said...


I stumbled across your blog, and I wanted to give you a shout out for all of your hard work this weekend. I was in Group B, and you were just so sweet. Who would have thought that classes in a room w/ 230+ women would have went so smoothly?! Why - b/c of people like you! Thanks so much!

BTW - your DD is adorable.

*Heather said...

It was SO great seeing you this weekend Tracie and such a nice surprise! I think I could have sat and talked with you for hours on end and not felt like it had been long at all! I love that we have the Lord in common and our homeschooling AND scrapbooking..pretty cool! I am definitely making sure I have your blog on my to read list!!! ;) Bless you for all your hard work this weekend! ;)

Linda.B said...
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Linda.B said...


Thank you for all your hard work at the Scrap Etc event. I was in group B and appreciated seeing your smiling face and hearing the joy in your voice. You were always so willing to help in way in the class.

This was my first scrap event. I could feel God's prescence in everything that happened there. It was so wonderful to be with like minded believers doing something I really love.

Thank your family for sharing you with us!