Saturday, April 26, 2008

so so so funny.

I have just laughed harder than I have laughed in years.
Side-splitting laughter.
Do you watch Ellen? I normally don't.
I think she is adorable but wish she would make some better choices in life.
She cracks me up dancing.
I am such a dancer. I just can't help myself - I love to watch Ellen dance.
Anytime I'm out somewhere and I hear the least little bit of music, I dance.
I don't care who's watching.
But I digress.

Since I don't usually watch the show, I missed this hilarious thing that happened a few months back.
Did you see or hear about Chris Matthews being on Ellen?
I totally missed it and just stumbled across it on YouTube.
Watch the first one to see what happened and then watch the second video.
Her talking about it is actually funnier than what happened. Go tinkle first. This will make you roll!!!
(After they sit down in the first video, stop it and go to the second one.)


Jill LaFaye said...

It is almost 2am..and I am laughing like a hyena! That was great:)

Renee said...

that's good stuff. I haven't watched Ellen since they moved her from 11am to like 6pm. Makes me miss her even more. This was hilarious! You're pretty funny...
for an OLDER WOMAN!!

Happy Happy Birthday!

*Heather said...

OH that was just too funny!!!