Friday, April 18, 2008

spilling the beans

Okay, I'm spilling the beans on my other big secret.

Monique McClean, owner of Scrap, Etc. in AL e-mailed me last week & asked me to call her (that's the cute girl in the picture here).
When I called, she asked me to come and help out at her event this week!
This was so out of the blue that I was taken aback for a moment. Of course I said YES!

Anyway....I've been down at the Opryland Hotel all day today and yesterday.
I was in a ballroom today from 7:30 am - 9:30 pm!
I have never worked so hard in my entire life.
I'm the only local person helping, everyone else is on her team.
At first I felt a little lonely because I didn't know anyone but today I made fast friends with the team I was on. Great, great girls.

I haven't seen Monique much. She has been crazy busy like all of us.
This has been a huge blessing because I couldn't afford to go.
Registration was last March and I had just gotten over my surgery.
I also had no job at the time.

Now I'm getting to work and see all the classes and have fun too!
Today I was in a class with Wilna Furstenburg, Vanessa Hudson, Heidi Swapp, Danelle Johnson (not Danielle, like I always thought...Da-nelle) and my friend, Angelia Wigginton.
Every one of the classes ROCKED. I have the kits and will do them later.
Tomorrow I have another class with Heidi Swapp, my friend Jenni Bowlin, Gretchen McElveen, and a 10-page layout make and take. Wow. Fun stuff.
My feet are so sore they're numb. Literally numb. I have major blisters.

Anyway...just thought I'd tell you. I know it means nothing to my non-scrappy friends.
If you can ever afford to go to the event, I highly recommend it.

I probably won't blog again until Monday. Be good!


Renee said...

Great news TraciE! I'm so excited for me, um, you. Ok, me, cuz I know you are going to share all of it with me cuz that's the kind of cool chick you are!

kristina proffitt said...

Very cool! Have fun! Wish I could have been there! :)