Saturday, April 05, 2008

wanna see some Easter pictures?

I finally got around to uploading all my pics from my camera.
I've spent like 4 hours editing them.
Here are some faves....

We had a great Good Friday Service where the children performed a play. Caroline was one of the "townspeople" and wore an old sheet. Love this pic.

They put her with the smaller kids so she could help them sing correctly. You could hear her over everyone. They sang, "Praise the name of Jesus. Praise the name of Jesus. He's my Rock, He's my Fortress, He's my Deliverer, in Him will I trust." Do you know it? She did great!
The next morning we had a big Easter egg hunt and she won a chocolate bunny.
Here's her Easter basket, all ready for her to open. I didn't get many good pics that morning and NONE of her in her dress! Ack! I'm going to have to stage Easter. Probably this Sunday. Just waiting for some sunshine and warm weather.
This was too big to put in her basket but was part of her Easter goodies. I've been waiting to find this on sale and I finally found it marked down at Wal-Mart. I love this thing!

Here's the only good one I got of her opening her basket.
Have a happy weekend!


doris sander said...

so many fun pics! the ones of caroline at church are my faves. :D

see you tomorrow! :D

Leslie said...

Hey Tracie! Do you remember me? We cropped together a few years ago at your lss when I was in Nashville visiting (hubby had a conference thing). Well, anyway, I just thought of you the other day and then was blog-hopping this morning and was at Kelli Crowe's blog and saw your link right when I was X-ing out the window. I went back quickly to click and visit. ;) Hope you're doing good. :) I'll have to add your blog to my favorites and visit sometime.