Saturday, May 24, 2008

girl scouts album

I am ready to tackle my mounds of pictures from Caroline's last two years of Girl Scouts.
She's officially a Junior now. She's "bridged up" last Sunday.
I got some VERY CUTE pictures. So happy.

I have about a 4" stack of pictures from the last two years and I want to get them into an album in an organized way that will highlight the stories and pictures.

This album is not about "the stuff" or being artistic.
It's about 1) the pictures and 2) the story.

I normally hate 12x12 but for something like this, it almost calls for it.
I want to use all of these wonderful pictures and 12x12 will help me do that.

So here's my plan Stan.

I would prefer to use the top sketch for all the pages, making it even more cohesive with all two pagers. I would alternate the side the title is on, every other page.

I want to give myself the flexibility of a single page just in case I have an event that doesn't call for that many pictures.

This would be an "all-cardstock" album.
I want to get a K&Co. album - Girl Scouts/Brownies for the pages I'm doing now.
I have to print the 12x12 journaling strip landscape on 8.5x11 but I think I can.

What do you think? Is this TOO boring or does it sound like a good plan?

Do you think I should stick with the same few colors of cardstock or should I make it like all jewel tones or all primary? I want the paper to match the pics, I'm neurotic about that so I don't want to box myself in.

Thoughts please! I think I'm ready to start on this tomorrow!


Renee said...

You are so organized. I can't wait to see what you come up with-I did 8 mini albums for my Daisies this year. I think it would have been easier to use the same paper-(I mean, I did all of them alike, but the book itself was different) But, I'm not a BGS like you!

Dragon Park? Hello????

Jann Gray said...

I so love this plan! I would probably stick to shades of brown/green/cream. You can print a trimmed piece of 12 x 12 paper -- just make your page setup longer in WORD...

This is going to be soo cool...I HAVE to see it. I am going to work on one for my niece...and I would so love to "lift" what you end up with!

Angelia said...

I print on 12" paper all the time. I just tell the printer I'm printing on a 14" piece, and I test my placement before printing on the actual cardstock.

Tracie, you have such an eye for color - if it were me, I'd use a variety of cardstock colors throughout the album. And, I would probably add a couple more page designs for my photos. Instead of 1 or 2, maybe 3 or 5. But, that is just me :) I look forward to seeing it when you are done!

stephanie said...

I would love to see your pages as you get them done. Emma's just completed her first year as a Daisy, so I am all about a plan for her book.

Thanks for the sketches!