Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was a bit strange this year.
After church, Mike and I took a nap and I feel like it took up the entire day!
Actually it did not because we got up at 4 pm to meet family at Cracker Barrel.
It was very yummy.
I got:
- Target gift card from Mike and Caroline
- a gift certificate for a massage at "Massage Envy" from the Pastors
- several small trinkets of love and a few cards from my family

After dinner, I watched Desparate Housewives.
Anyone watch it?
This is like the best season EVER!!
Then Caroline and I watched 4 hours of Pride and Prejudice, the set I got for my birthday.
I kept having to explain it because she "doesn't understand old-timey talk."
ha! ha!
She gets the story though. She LOVES Elizabeth Bennett, as do I.
She said the only thing about the movie she didn't like was that...
"everyone has their boobs hanging out."

ROFL! I guess she's overheard me one too many times commenting on the lack of modesty these days.
I told her that's how everyone dressed back then.

Three of the Pastors I work for are out of town so it should be an easy work week this week.
Although I do have two online newsletters to get done and VBS t-shirts to order.
I have been keeping my house really clean...gotta get it back up to snuff tomorrow.
Then maybe I can scrap! I'm almost finished with the layout I'm working on.
Slowly. Slowly. Scrapping really does make me happy.
I'm going to make it a more important part of my life.
More on that later...I have some thoughts to share....

Have a great Monday!


tbcrops said...

Speaking of scrapbooking, what has happened with Ann from Scrap It! Are the still selling online?

TracieClaiborne said...

No....they closed their online business too. She decided she didn't want scrapbooking to be her job anymore, just her hobby. She and her husband are doing other things.