Monday, May 05, 2008

my life in pictures

I just downloaded 253 pictures from my camera so here's a peek at what's been going on with me!

Here's my birthday cake (from last Saturday, 4/26). I asked for candles and since they couldn't put 38 candles on (so they said), my sister decorated it and wrote "38." Can you see? It's there!
Here I am before blowing out my candles. I haven't done that in years! I love it!
My oh-so-happy new toy and just a sampling of the sizes it makes. See those little squares? Those are 1.5x1.5. Love that. I made these so that I could look at them before I print to remind me how big they are. I'm also sketching out layouts based on these sizes.
I realized recently that I don't get pictures of Caroline in all her different outfits so from now on, on Sunday afternoons, I'm taking a few pictures. Here's one from last Sunday (my favorite). Today's didn't come out that great. She wasn't in the mood.
Yesterday was my cousin Chelsea's bridal shower (3rd from left). The lady on the far right is my Aunt Betty who is my Mother's sister. The tallest lady is my cousin Rhonda and those are her two girls. The one on the left (Logan) is Caroline's favorite cousin. She went over Aunt Betty's house today and she and Logan played for hours. I love cousins!
After the shower, which was in White House, near where I grew up, I showed Caroline this house. This is the first house my parents built. It was next door to my Grandmother's and in fact, the entire neighborhood belonged to my family at one point. It was literally an entire subdivision of relatives. My Uncle Charles sold off about 20 acres or so and each family member built on part of it. I used to love running around the neighborhood in the Summertime and on my sick days when I would stay with Grandma. No one locked their doors and I would go in and out of my Aunt's houses when they weren't even there. ha!ha! True. Crazy but true. I need to scrapbook that. Anyway...this is my first home. I barely remember it but I have pictures that bring back memories. We moved to another house when I was 2-3.
I actually scrapped today but I didn't finish the layout. I need a little bit more of Creative Cafe ribbon. I'm using all Creative Cafe product on this layout and I am LOVING it. Total scraplift. I'm over trying to be original. I just wanna play and have fun.

That's all for now! Tomorrow is Field Day with one of our groups at the Park. Can't wait to get some great pictures there. I still haven't scrapped last year's field day but that's ok.

Have a great week!


*Heather said...

Happy Belated birthday Tracie!!! ;)

stephanie said...

That cake looks dee-lish!

Emma has that same Gymbo dress. She LOVES it.

Have you doen your Circle of Friends shopping yet? LOL