Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pastor Wess on TBN

I finally got someone to upload Pastor Wess' performance on TBN last week.
Here he is singing my favorite song if you want to take a peek.
I love this man. (In a brother/friend/pastor kind of way. heehee)
Check out his custom-made suit and his Converse. He's stylin....

This will make you smile (click to enlarge).
It's a cute shot I took of our Mother's Day Out graduates.
They are there on the day I work at the church (Wednesdays) and I love them!
The second one from the left is Lily, the Pastors grand-daughter.
Her Mom and I are good friends. She is the sweetest girl! She always hugs & kisses me.
Sooooo cute. They are going to let me do the school pictures in the Fall. Yay!

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doris sander said...

love the cutie kids in their caps and gowns. :D