Tuesday, May 27, 2008

wanna see the layout...

I lifted my layout below from?
I think it's fun to see how someone interprets someone else's design.
Of course, I get more ideas from Cathy Zielske than any other scrapper alive.
She changed my scrapping forever.
Stacy Julian too.
But I digress.

Here's her layout from the latest issue of Simple.
I love, love, love this and knew I had to make one inspired by it.

and here's mine again just in case you missed it yesterday...

See the similarities?

To answer Renee's questions, yes, it's a white background and no the tags don't move.
They are there permanently. They just stick out like that to make them more fun.
I printed on Creative Cafe tags that cost .50 cents each. I love those little guys.

Hey, thanks everyone for your compliments. It means a lot!
I got my Girl Scouts album all planned out/sketched out and I'm starting on it tonight!

We just got back from seeing Nim's Island with Abigail Breslen and Jodi Foster.
Deelightful. It's been playing since April 4th so we barely made it in before it closed.
I love going to the movies on Summer vacation.
I plan on seeing a movie every week this Summer. I need to take pictures of the marquees!

Blog ya later gator!

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