Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Pastor Wess (one of the pastors I work for) was on TBN tonight at 9 pm CST.
He'll be on again tomorrow at 4 pm CST/5 pm EST.

I am amazed at how many people have already responded to him being on there!
There are pages and pages of people who want to be his friend on MySpace.
Messages there too.
His e-mail and mine are full of product orders.

What a blessing!!!!
He told all about his drug addiction and how he faced prison time and people are e-mailing us saying they have someone in their family with a similar story.

God is good.
Being on there is a great opportunity for the ministry I work for.

Wow. So impressed by God right now.
Just had to share!

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doris sander said...

so awesome!!! and fun to see a little of your work on the tv at jb's last night. :D